What are the benefits?

These are products that have one or more of the following attributes:
  • Any material or construction method that utilizes renewable, recycled materials or energy sources
  • Avoids toxic emissions
  • Contributes to a safe, healthy environment
  • Refers to systems that embody less energy in their manufacturing process
  • Uses less energy when in use

Latest News

Cradle to Cradle
Guided by Cradle to Cradle, Shaw takes a holistic approach to sustainability. That includes a focus on transparency, material heath, material reutilization, use of resources (energy, water, and waste among others), and social responsibility.Today, 66 percent of the flooring manufactured by Shaw is Cradle to Cradle Certified™.

Our products are designed to be as sustainable as they are beautiful. We place a priority on using resources responsibly. We take care to include materials that are durable and safe – for people and the planet.

We employ sustainable manufacturing practices. We use materials and resources efficiently. We use alternative and renewable energy sources when possible.

Reclaim / Recycle
Once our carpet products have reached the end of their useful life, they can be converted back into carpet, into products for other industries or into energy to power our manufacturing operations. Since 2006, Shaw has reclaimed and recycled more than 800 million pounds of post-consumer carpet – regardless of manufacturer.

Our philosophy is to embrace four basic principles: the sustainable selection and efficient use of raw materials, the conservation of energy, the management of waste, and the recycling of materials.

The Dixie Group believes that creating sustainable products begins by carefully choosing the components that create our products.
The Dixie Group also believes in working smarter to create all of our products, and eliminating wasteful production methods.

We are always searching for alternative energy sources, or ways to reduce energy consumption, in order to conserve the natural resources of our planet.

The Dixie Group is actively working towards creating a greener tomorrow for our future generations. Each of the companies within The Dixie Group family participates in environmental programs, which demonstrate our belief in the importance of creating a healthier planet for everyone.

Every product produced by a member of The Dixie Group family is certified by the CRI Green Label Plus program. This certification is designed specifically for carpets and adhesives, and sets the standard for IAQ and ensures that consumers are purchasing the very lowest emitting products on the market. Using scientifically established standards, the Green Label Plus program symbolizes the carpet industry’s commitment to a better environment for living, working, learning, and healing.

The Dixie Group continues to strive towards the creation of a healthier planet for the people of today, as well as our future generations.

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options

USFloors, based in Dalton, GA, is a manufacturer of Unique and Sustainable floors. USFloors is the leading producer of sustainable, eco-friendly floors including cork, bamboo, and FSC®-Certified hardwood, and LVT floors. In fact, USFloors is the ONLY supplier of cork and bamboo flooring with manufacturing facilities operating in the United States. USFloors markets these sustainable products under the brands Natural Cork®, Natural Bamboo®, Castle Combe, Navarre, and COREtec Plus®.
Creating better environments
From how they’re made to how they perform, we make truly sustainable floors that are good for people, good for buildings and good for the environment.

“Committed to the health of one” introduces a focus in our commitment to sustainability that centres around all aspects that concern your health, well-being and comfort in relation to our products and services, today as well as for future generations.
Tarkett FiberFloor attained the coveted CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly badge and it is the only flooring product currently certified asthma and allergy friendly.
Environmental Fact Sheet - FiberFloorTarkett FiberFloor is part of Tarkett’s choice of sustainable solutions, an integrated system that allows for balancing all the competing needs, while making choices that are truly sustainable and work together aesthetically.

  • Tarkett FiberFloor is produced with low or no VOC water-based inks
  • Tarkett’s production site quality management is ISO 14001 certified
Tarkett’s Farnham, Quebec manufacturing facility:
  • Is powered by hydroelectricity, a clean energy
  • Has reduced effluent emissions between 2006 and 2007 by: VOC = -25.7%, CO2 = 14.9%, Nox = -33%, Waste = -6.7%, Landfill = -43%
  • Does not emit ozone-depleting gases
  • Recycles the heat from the production oven to other parts of the plant
  • FiberFloor has high product performance, which reduces the replacement cycle and upholds warranties of Lifetime* / 15-year / 10-year
  • Dematerialization, reduced number of trucks neededs
  • FloorScoreTM certified for assurance of low-emitting materials and indoor air quality.
  • Easy to clean and maintain using a neutral floor cleaner and water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals required by some floors.
  • Mold and mildew deterrent with exclusive AquaGuardFiberFloor is hypo-allergenic, will not trap dust and other airborne contaminants, allowing for proper filtration through HVAC systems.
  • Tarkett resilient sheet accessories are certified by the Environmental Choice Program for demonstrating environmental leadership and meeting stringent standards.
  • All Tarkett vinyl sheet flooring adhesives are nonflammable and low VOC water-based versus solvent-based adhesives that adversely affect air quality when they evaporate
Can be installed without glue and can be easily reinstalled and/or reused in a new room, Recycled into other products.