Vinyl Flooring

Performance, strength and an unparalleled guarantee make our vinyl floors not only beautiful to look at, but beautiful for your life as well. At Nationwide, our goal is to offer you elegant patterns, handsome textures and vibrant colors in vinyl flooring including the latest in luxury vinyl tiles and planks.

Versatile, stylish and easy to maintain describes resilient flooring quite nicely. You can get the look of stone, wood or tiles from resilient flooring. It is more economical, easier to clean and works well in wet settings. There are many style choices and we can help you find the perfect one for your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks

This is vinyl like you've never seen before. Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Vinyl Planks let you enjoy the elegance of ceramic tile or the natural look of wood in easy care, high performance vinyl.  They can be installed with or without grout, dependent upon the look you are trying to achieve.

Luxury Vinyl Tile offers looks for every customer. Classic stone designs like slate and travertine. Contemporary styles like polished marble or burnished metallics and totally unique floors like sisal, pebble, and baked earth. And now, we offer a realistic wood plank design in both a 4" width and 5" width.

Luxury Vinyl planks come in two sizes, a 4"x36" plank, and the more realistic 5"x48" size usually associated with a traditional wood plank. Luxury tiles are 16"x16". Some have realistic grout lines along the edges. Others are subdivided to mimic smaller tiles. And still others create a seamless look with no grout or edging.

Easy Maintenance
Luxury vinyl floors are incredibly easy to maintain, featuring the latest in scratch resistant technology, which improves resistance to everyday household scratches that can make floors look old before their time.  Adura is FloorScore certified – which means it meets strict indoor air quality guidelines – so you can choose Adura with confidence that it’s good for your home, and your family.